Shipping costs

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated automatically via the weight of goods inside the shopping cart.

We give detailed information about the weight of each article. Our products are weighing only about 4g to 20g. To this values are added 12g for the nice and presentable boxes of the individually packaged parts. Altogether then about 16g to 32g. This values are used for the calculation of the total weight of the parcel.  Enough scope is allowed for the parcel itself. If possible shipping within Germany or to other countries is only be arranged with an sufficient transportation insurance.

We are shipping goods only via the German postal service and its parcel service DHL within Germany, to other EU-countries and worldwide. Buyers outside the customs union of the EU should consider that additionally to the shipping costs they maybe have to pay the customs charges and taxes on imports in their countries when they receive the goods (approximately between 10 and 20%) if nationally different duty-free and tax-free allowances were exceeded.

When ordered via the online shop we deliver our products at the latest five working days after incoming payment (after bank transfer or after PayPal-payment directly with the order, if the order is accepted). The delivery time is additionally determined by the destination. Shipping costs in detail and estimated delivery times (transport times) see attached table of costs as a pdf-file.

Table of shipping costs