Safety instructions

Material properties

Neodym-magnets are made out of special rare materials under high pressure and are coated with thin metallic layers. The material is brittle and can get damages on the surface when two or more magnets bang together uncontrolled. The raw material is flammable, but not the metallic coatings. The magnetization of our magnets is at least stable up to 80°C (176°F). At temperatures above the magnetization can decrease in force.

Health protection

Danger warnings

Neodym-magnets are coated with nickel, on which some people react with allergies. These people should not use our products. From a scientific point of view magnets do not have any kind of negative influence on human beeings. There are even modern methods in medicine which use the force of magnetism. Consistently magnetic jewelry is offered, which should have in the opinion of mystics a positive effect on human bodies.

Danger for electronic and other devices

Even though our magnets are quite small, you should not hold them directly on some devices. Such devices are among others TV sets and monitors, credit and cash cards, computers, hearing devices and heart pacemakers. Persons with heart pacemakers should not use our products.

Liability disclaims all liability due to wrong usage of our products. With your buy you have attested, that you have read and understood our safety instructions.