Latest news 2017 with many new articles 2017 and great bargain offers! 2016 with new own product line produced from us in Germany with encapsulated protected magnets. Particularly for intensively stressed hijab pins in daily use! reduces prices 4

Cheaper supply channels for parts and magnets enables us to reduce our prices for most articles! (Sept. 2015) with new assortment from fall / winter 2015

You can find numerous new articles at unbeatably low prices! (Sept. 2015) with new assortment for 2014

Just in time at the turn of the year we have almost two dozens new articles in our assortment. And we were never cheaper! (Jan. 2014) goes Indonesia and Malaysia

As well in these countries we offer our products. A few new customers choose us as a supplier there.(Nov. 2013) with many new articles

We have contained many new magnetic pins to our assortment. Among these a collection with true semiprecious stones and gemstones. (Feb. 2013) reduces prices 3

Because the situation on the international magnet market has released again we are able to offer our products a little bit cheaper in future! -(Dec 2012) goes Bahrain, Dubai, Russia and Saudia Arabia

Because of our international presence we could win new customers in the above countries. Our cheap international shipping costs are additionally good arguments for them.  -(Aug. 2011)


Light price increases necessary at

Because of increasing prices for raw parts and especially for magnets we were forced to increase our prices as well a little bit. We hope, that the permanently increasing prices of magnet raw materials have not too much influence on our future prices. The profit we have with our products is very low and surely lower than normal for other fashion jewelry products. So we apologize for any inconvenience.  -(Oct. 2010) goes Kuwait, Australia, Canada and Bosnia-Herzegowina

Because of our international presence we could win new customers in the above countries. Our cheap international shipping costs are additionally good arguments for them.  -(Aug. 2010)


Extremely cut prices for magnets and magnet sets at

We now have an enhanced product range for additional magnets in all sizes. At the same time we could reduce the prices for them extremely. Customers can now order cheap additional magnets for all situations. -(Feb. 2010)


New pins and numerous bargain offers at

In December 2009 we have added some new pins in several sizes to our product range. Moreover from this moment on we often have bargain offers for numerous pins in our shop. On and off it is worth it to look after them. -(Dec. 2009)


New bigger pins at

Due to the request of some customers we have integrated more very big pins in our range of products and we have created a new category for very big articles for them. You can wear them as a big brooch or as a hijab pins e.g. on the shoulder. Of course you get the big pins as well in nice jewelry boxes as all the other pins. -(Mar. 2009) reduces prices 2

Because we buy our magnets in future directly from the manufacturer and not from wholesalers we could reduce the prices of our products again distinctly. Our profit was not increased - everything only to the benefit of our customers! -(Dec 2008) 


Magnettuchhalter optimizes shipping costs

We offer to you now all the cheapest possibilities for insured deliveries which are currently possible from Germany! We are shipping goods via the German postal service and its parcel service DHL and newly within Germany and the EU via the parcel service HERMES. The cheapest possibility is automatically selected by our shop software dependent from the goods weight! -(Nov 2008) goes Austria - USA - UK - Switzerland - Turkey and Poland 

We can report not without proudness, that in the meantime we have loyal customers in the mentioned countries, who have already bought many products in our shop. Particularly we want to mention a lady from Vienna and her daughter, who have already ordered several times. They are very comfortable with our novel products! -(Oct 2008) reduces prices 1

The prices for almost all products are now up to $1.50 lower than before, because we have found a cheaper supplier for the nice boxes, in which we are shipping our articles, and we have much improved the purchase of our used parts. This price reduction we refer completely to our customers. By the way we would like to point out, that the really nice boxes cannot at all be taken for granted in the price range of our products! -(Sep 2008) offers as well replacement magnets

We have decided to offer as well  additional replacement magnet for desired product articles. If customers fear that they can loose a magnet, they can comfortably acquire additional magnets suitable to their article. -(Sep 2008) offers fashion jewelry on inquiry

For our customers we can purchase all types of inexpensive fashion jewelry articles at wholesale as well. Because we have a really lean organization and no salesroom or shopping store we can surely offer products at lower prices than the competition can. We procure all kinds of jewelry articles if necessary and if desired. Ask us we can help you promptly and cost-efficiently! -(Sep 2008)



Cheap worldwide shipping with