Useful links

Useful links


You can find news about us as posts of a German trendblog for headscarfs and neckscarfs, hijab pins etc.

Just look there:

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Subsequently some links for you information how you can bind neck and head scarfs.

In the meantime we have many pictures with our products on our webpage as well with scarves but no videos. The following links are only further suggestions what you can do.

All pins with needles ( from hijab pins and scarf pins ) can be substituted with our magnetic pins. You can of course save some knots, which are often only possible with very big and long scarfs. All in all everything gets a lot easier with our products. Nevertheless the links as a motivation.


Islamic head scarfs (hijabs, chadors):

How to wear Hijab - Videos (in English):       video 1       video 2       video 3       video 4

further possibilities  (in turkish):                  video 5       video 6       video 7       video 8


Head and neck scarfs in general:

instruction 1   instruction 2   instruction 3   instruction 4   instruction 5   instruction 6   instruction 7   instruction 8

instruction 9   instruction 10   instruction 11   instruction 12   instruction 13   instruction 14   instruction 15


We hope that we could have helped you a little bit with that.


Some other good and interesting links:



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