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Contrary to classical scarf pins, shawl pins and brooches our pins are equipped with magnets. So we called them magnetic brooches or magnetic hijab pins. What you can see immediately is, that we use always a small foam part between the two magnets, when the article is not in use. With that we prevent, that the magnets can bang together too fast and getting scratches and damages on their surfaces. Do never underestimate the power of our magnets! You get the article by post inside a  nice and presentable cushioned plastic box in a cushion envelope or a protected parcel. We recommend to use always the foam part of the plastic box as a protection when the article is just not in use. In use there is of course always drapery between the magnets. For the beautiful boxes, good to have them when the pins are used as a gift, we do not charge anything additionally.   

On the back side of the parts you can mostly see the adhesive layer with which the magnets are glued with the part. We do not at all save on adhesive. To unglue the bonding between magnet and part is without complete destruction of magnet and part mostly not possible! The quality of the bonding with our special adhesive is an important aspect of the warranty, which we offer to you (see §7 about warranty in the terms and conditions). 

On the back side of the parts where the magnets are, can occur slight machining traces from the previous milling because we always glue the magnets on bare metal surfaces. This is of course in no case an optical impairment in use of the articles because then they are only visible from the front side. We try to minimize these traces in future. But this cannot be eliminated completely for this product and is excluded explicitly to be a complaint reason. In every case the visible front sides should have no scratches. This is what we inspect strictly before the delivery of our products.  

To prevent, that the parts can bang together abruptly, we recommend at least a distance of 10cm between the magnets if you do not hold them in your hands, e.g. when placed on the table.  As well a sufficient distance to magnetic materials. 

If you follow all mentioned precautions you will have much pleasure with our products for a long time.


You will certainly wonder, how we got the idea to create and offer such a product:

As a muslima I do not often wear a head scarf by myself. If so, then mostly for special religious occasions. But I know the set of problems very exactly, as well because of many relatives in my family, who wear daily a head scarf. In precious scarfs often occur numerous and ugly holes because of the use of pins with needles or safety needles. Painful pricks are as well the consequence of such needles.

It seemed obvious to test the cohesion of scarfs with magnets. You should not think of the former ferrit-magnets. Their magnetic strength is not strong enough or they would be too big and heavy. The in the meantime established neodym-magnets are especially in the stronger magnetizations a multiple stronger. They are in the used sizes always strong enough and have a sufficient safety margin even at unusual overstrainings. Please entrust our technical analytic expertise, I and my husband are both engineers, who have studied at German colleges.   

And do not search for similar products in internet! We were the first who had the idea to offer such products in German internet and even in English internet there was almost nothing which was similar! Please give no chance to imitators! Furthermore cheap prices and the quality of our magnetic pins will satisfy you!

We do not want and cannot show you all possibilities to wear head and neck scarfs. In the web there are some useful links (see "Useful links" on our website). Just muslims know many kinds to wear their head scarf, hijab, chador, niqab, dupatta or how they call it in their countries. Basically you can use our products instead of needles in all possible positions. The cloth which has been stuck together with a needle before, will then be stuck together between the two magnets. Our products are weighing only about 4g to 20g and are therefore, if at all, only negligible heavier than products with needles!

As well according to modern fashion aspects you can use versatilely all kinds of scarfs with or without integration of your hair. With our products it is no longer necessary to make knots. The magnetic strength is always enough for it. Of course this opens up new easy vistas to use scarfs.

As well for men, who often wear neck scarfs, our products are really convenient. The classical holders for scarfs with big rings can be substituted completely. Our products offer similarly a nice view on every neck scarf. Anyway it is for both men and women possible to use our products just as a nice brooch on any kind of apparel or clothing.

Nooria Noor, May 2008 (last change Mar. 2017)


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