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constantly on offer:    religious hijab pins and pendants!
                               pins with true semiprecious stones and gemstones!

Articles 2019 - all as bargain offers!  Very good exchange rate EUR to USD!

We are an online shop for hijab pins, scarf pins and brooches - not with needles but with magnets since May 2008. Versatile scarf pins without needles and with two strong little magnets for head scarfs, neck scarfs, hijabs, chadors, shawls, other muslim scarfs or simply as a pretty brooch. Never again holes in expensive fabrics or injuries due to needles! 

We offer innovative accessories made in Germany at very low prices (only $4.55 - $6.40) and we are shipping worldwide. They are even very light because they weigh just about 10g. Many of the articles even considerably less. You do not notice them at all. Even after hours the magnets have the same position and hold together your scarfs as in the beginning. Just click and scroll through our versatile offers.

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Product test 2016

Comparison of our new own manfactured product line with protected encapsulated magnets with some competitive products

Shipping costs

We are shipping within Germany at a lowest price of 3.00 Euros /$4.00, within Europe at a lowest price of 4.50 Euro / $6.50 and worldwide at a lowest price of 6.00 Euros /$8.50 !